Photo by Erin McCall

Photo by Erin McCall


Appalachia-based artist Sarah Moore was born in Marietta, GA in 1987 and now lives and works in Knoxville, TN. She earned a Master of Architecture degree from Washington University in St. Louis in 2012, and was a Danforth Scholar for the duration of her study there—an honor which recognized personal integrity, selflessness, and a commitment to community. Sarah also holds a B.A. in Architecture from Clemson University, where she was an Abney Foundation Scholar from 2005-2009.

Sarah has traveled to 26 countries in Asia, Europe, the Middle East and North and South America, and has lived briefly in Argentina, India, Israel, Nepal, Spain, and Thailand. Through her travels, she has sought to understand the commonalities that span cultures, from the delight of spending time with people to our innate need to connect with nature.

Sarah is also Communications and Marketing Manager for Active Living By Design, a nonprofit that advances community-led action and proven, place-based strategies to ensure health and well-being for all.

Artist Statement

My work delves into our relationship to the natural environment by exploring gatherings in natural spaces, meditations on plants, and expansive landscapes. The vibrant paintings evoke both nostalgia and a sense of longing for spans of stolen delight: a weekend in the forest, an afternoon in the garden, an hour spent wandering a conservatory.

I use photographs from my travels as references for the early stages of the work. Then I paint from memory, allowing inevitable inaccuracies to simultaneously embellish and erase information. A sense of movement suggests ephemerality: ground planes shift beneath figures that are weightlessly suspended in the moment, as if unbound by time, and the surroundings are deconstructed to the point of abstraction. Like memories, the paintings dart from detail to detail amidst a fluid, blurred, and unclear context. Unexpected objects, snatched from forgetting, find themselves nestled in the scenes like wayfinding tokens.