Spring of Firsts

Knoxville is unfurling into blossom, which is fitting.

It's a spring of firsts. I've unpacked all the boxes in my new studio, which is part of a fledgling collective of artists and makers. I'm christening these white walls with splatters as I finish paintings for the first solo exhibition of my work, which will be at a new gallery in town. Even my favorite cafe is starting anew, moving right across the street from the studio! It feels like our corner of the world has just arrived and we're charting a course through this wild place together. 

The last couple of years gave me enough time and space (and sleep) to reflect on the endeavors that nourish, rather than sap, my creativity; deepen, rather than damage, my relationships with others; and honor, rather than hide, who I am. It allowed me to grow into a person with more to offer others—more solutions, more patience, more support. Now, I work for a nonprofit full time during the week. Then, I paint. At night. On the weekends. Sometimes in my head at the farmers' market. It's the only thing besides travel that I crave incessantly: working color into a canvas and watching a world emerge that I only half-know. It's like another form of travel. 

With this blog, I'll share stories and images from the places I've been and the places I've created. There will be a lot of color, a lot of patterns, a lot of people, and a whole lot of nature.

It's gonna be fun, y'all!